” We can either react in fear or anger to the state of our world thus becoming part of the problem or respond creatively and become part of the solution.”

You are invited to be part of a global celebration on 17/02/17

All we ask is that during the month of February or on the day of the 17th to be creative.

Sings, dance, act, draw, paint, write, make, create.

Anything or anyway you feel you or your group are artistic.

Big, small, full of craft and skill or a complete beginner.

All are welcome.

If you can mark your creativity by adding the following hashtag to your social media website like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Our aim is to create a world festival for a day that promotes “Art as a catalyst for caring and sharing”.



Gus Meecham and ” Let The People Sing” Sculpture, Craigmillar

A small gathering in craigmillar. Gus Meecham artist displays his work with his golden Niddrie brick. Later on joined by Kids from The Venchie throughSusan E Heron and Nikki Barnes. And we told the story of the violin, which is the story of a local mother who wanted her son to learn to the violin and how out of this grew The Craigmillar Festival Story. Hopefully this will be a bigger event next year when we celebrate 10 years of World Community Arts Day.


40 years of Charnwood Arts, Kev Ryan

Busy busy busy…so slightly in advance of the day this year as I’m off to Tainan on the 17th February to talk about a project which may involve many hundreds if not thousands of people. We’ve been working on joint community/participatory arts projects with partners there for a few years now. I wanted to share this celebratory image and some images of recent work with everyone before I go…it seems like yesterday that we celebrated 25 years and only last night that we celebrated 30 years…the last ten years have flown!