World Community Arts Day 2012, Rawlins College

We are celebrating the huge success of this year’s World Community Arts Day on February 17th at Rawlins College, Quorn, Leicestershire.

The event was full with 100 participants and 22 exceptional volunteers- friends, Rawlins students and Rawlins’ staff.

8 workshops all offered a unique art experience, from marbling to sew a badge, 3D modelling to clay plaques, pipe cleaner people to jewellery making and sketch book binding to drawing and painting. All this over 4 art hours in a 6 hour fun filled, friendly and colourful day for a £3 ticket, made possible by the kind donation of time, effort and even materials.

The event this year was in support of the fantasic charity- Inter Care, medical aid for Africa, for whom we raised well over £100.00. This will enable more than £400.00worth of essential medicines to reach those who need it most.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the event, either as a volunteer, donor or participant. Again, I have been overwhelmed by the amazing folk who make my job very much worthwhile!

CAP do a mural

Community Arts Partnership do a mural on WCAD.

Community Arts Partnership will be celebrating World Community Arts Day by adding a bit of colour to the office!

After moving premises last year our walls needed brightened up so we are all taking part in creating a large-scale mural with a bit of help from Belfast artists Kev Largey aka KVLR and Marion Noone aka FRIZ.

We literally have a blank canvas and using Kev and Marion’s skills we should come up with something very arresting but at the same time reflect our ethos. This is a perfect way of bringing out the artistic side of all the staff to produce a creative shared space.

World Community Arts Day values the importance of creativity in the growth of local and global communities therefore celebrate by involving the local community and being creative on 17/02/2012.

Intrepid Pens

This past weekend, Mary Bennett and a team of volunteers from the Community Arts Council of Vancouver (CACV) attended an Intrepid Pens session to work with the group as part of the “SHARE THE LOVE” Project for World Community Arts Day.

I was so disappointed to have missed it (the first session I haven’t led in three years), but our amazing volunteer Sarah was there to facilitate and it was a super-successful day. The group wrote love letters and made collages for “community artists who make our city a better place”.

To learn more about World Community Arts Day, click here. And click here to learn more about CACV. Note: This isn’t the first time that Mary Bennett of CACV has reached out and made an effort to include “The Pens” in exciting community arts projects and events. We’re so grateful.

Below are some pics snapped by CACV intern…

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Days as grass

Today (17th February) is World Community Arts Day. For a feast of events and projects, visit the World Community Arts Day website here.

Their motto or strapline is “Art as a catalyst for caring and sharing”. That makes me think of the appalling term ‘NEET’ (ie not in education, employment or training) – what if ‘NEETs’ want to be in arts or community involvement? Are they encouraged in this? I wonder.

PS: For a wealth of advice and information, visit the excellent Voluntary Arts site.

Happy World Community Arts Day 2012.

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Upward mobility project celebrates world community arts day

We are building a large cardboard boat inspired by George Wyllie’s ‘Paper Boat’ and the many other paper boats collected for WCAD. Upward Mobility Art Students have built and decorated two boxes that will be left in two locations within the Arts Complex building. Residents of Arts Complex are invited to write or draw anything on paper in response to the motto of WCAD – ‘Art is a catalyst for caring and sharing’. Once these responses are collaged onto the boats, they will be exhibited in Gallery 2 on the 3rd Floor of Arts Complex from 17th – 20th February 2012.

more to come

Ken Wolverton and the 1970’s

Tucked away in Ken Wolverton WCAD 2012 page is some great photos from the 1970’s. Ken, like Reg Bolton (we started WCAD to remember Reg in 2007), worked in Edinburgh Scotland in the 1970’s, along with others like Mike Rowan (AKA Big Rory), Rosie Gibson, Neil Cameron and many others. It is often cited that it was these artists and performers (around The Theatre Workshop) who brought Street Theatre to The Edinburgh Festival. In those days this was pioneering.

“See it what I see” Pomorska Street in Bydgoszcz/Poland

“World Community Arts day 2012″

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This is a community art celebration here:
“Talking flowers spring up out of the bones in a field”
This is a letter to me from you. You write step by step, part by part: to do all kind of performative things in a parc and take care about the birds in soundscapes. To invite people for to luxuriate winter and summertime. And to unfold a music into new situations transmitting and sharing its potential, wealth and then its completness. And that this land is to your light feet, too. Inch by inch… Lots of love in reading you.
I would also like to dedicate to World Community Arts Day friends our wall street work “See it what I see” as fruit of community art in Pomorska Street in Bydgoszcz/Poland.

More info very soon in English you can find on our webiste:

And so, please, share this article too:

Glasgow (SW) Arts and Well-being Network

Glasgow (SW) Arts and Well-being Network

For World Community Arts Day – we designed a e-flyer that we could send to all our stakeholders (counsellor, nhs partners and the many community organisations) involved in promoting the arts as a positive agent for health.

Please share one of our websites on yours – which give a flavour of the work that is on going and celebrates the ideal of World Community Arts Day