2 thoughts on “Competition: best idea how to fix the world”

  1. Life is the best that we have. To share the love true the art is the best form to save the world. Art in every act in our lifes in cooking, dressing, resicling, and painting our home, community and the planet.

  2. Hi Patricia
    Painting or sculpture is only a tool. Worldwide there are two worlds the world of material culture and spiritual culture. there is also nicely described the pyramid of needs, which focus on providing basic needs and not meeting basic no chance of developing other. in my opinnion, there should be equitable sharing of revenues from the taxes paid at a rate of 50% by all the earning money. monthly installments of the credit for a future work should ensure that essential needs of all people in the world. when doing a simple calculation example 6euro X 8 X 5 X 4 X 12 X 50 = 576 000: 400euro is 1440 months …! This is quite a good sum for people from their birth until the age of 18th, saved capital which allows them to science and exploration trips inspiration and idea for a later professional work. while not condemning people to misery generational unemployment or death … have long known the spiritual culture in equilibrium with the spiritual culture / humanism /.
    I wish you all the best…: )….


    transl: google tr.

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