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Do you know about World Community Arts Day (WCAD for short)?

It’s your opportunity as an arts organisation or worker to be creative about an issue that you believe promotes “caring and sharing”.

Participatory arts advocate Andrew Crummy invites all community arts organisations to make their expression on a theme that is wide open to interpretation.

On the 17th of February community arts organisations across the globe will be showcasing their art. Whether it is dance, poetry, crafts, music or drama your artistic expressions are needed to support and embrace a movement which proudly promotes the arts being accessible to all.

So how does your organisation go about participating? Well, it’s all so rather simple. On the 17th of February you can hold your very own WCAD event, it doesn’t matter if it’s a dance piece, an exhibition, a drama performance or a crafts workshop – no matter how large or small we want you to feed us your stories.

Send us news and images to and we will broadcast your organisation’s work to the rest of the world. Demonstrate what your community can achieve and get involved in the community arts event of 2012!

For more information on this event visit:

Holding an event on the 17th and want it reported? Get in touch with Claire.


Tel: 01254 674777

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