SHARE THE LOVE Community Arts Council of Vancouver, Canada

World Community Arts Day
February 17, 2012

SHARE THE LOVE on World Community Arts Day.
On February 17, 2012 send some love to the community artists who make our city a better place.
“A sweet project,” is how Rika Uto, Arts and Education programmer at Carnegie Centre responded when I asked about having space there! (and she said yes, enthusiastically).
Volunteers Needed: We are looking for 3-5 volunteers to collect materials, attend one or more of the sessions to help people sign, collage, write, cards for community artists, particularly in the Downtown Eastside, many of whom are our partners or contractors for our projects. We want at least two people at each date. Then we need 2-3 to be at the finale signing session on World Community Arts Day at Carnegie on Friday, February 17. This will include set up and cleanup – which will include organizing delivery or pick-up of the cards.
Our CACV intern Elena Garcia-Escudero from Madrid, Spain, will be involved in helping to coordinate.
Preparation: Let us know if you can come to the Woodward’s building for an hour or so before Thursday, February 16 to cut out recycled materials and start the cards. We’ll provide some materials and supplies, but if you have extra magazines and calendars, scissors, glue, red, white or silver pencils, markers, paints, bring them along with any precious bits (beads, foil, stamps and stamp pads) or bring nothing except your enthusiasm. (time to be confirmed depending on people’s interest) – We’ll compile materials for three sessions and will start some collaged cards for people to add writing to.
Six years ago, in 2007, Andrew Crummy in Scotland decided there should be a World Community Arts Day and he simply proclaimed it! What a cool thing to do. Since then it’s grown and has been expanding. For CACV, we have mentioned it in our e-newsletter each year but haven’t done an event YET! I saw on the Neighbourhood Arts Network in Toronto that last year they did “Love Letters to Community Art”. They’ve posted lots of photos and I thought: we could do that! Here’s the link to their site and the blog post with photos at:
To participate online, log on to the World Community Arts Day Official Website CLICK HERE or join their Facebook Group. You can also send a note on
Or perhaps you agree with artist and author Douglas Coupland who while speaking at the Cities Summit conference last week in Vancouver said, “People want experiences that can’t be downloaded.”
In that case, we invite you to show up to write a “love letter” to Vancouver community artists. We’ll provide materials for collaging cards and writing poetry on the cards at several times. . At each group, participants will be invited to suggest people to receive a card for their work in community arts. Then on February 17, you can come to the 3rd Floor Gallery at Carnegie Centre and sign the cards
Here are three DTES opportunities where people will be invited to add their words – and art to the cards — that are started:
*Saturday February 11 2-4:30pm W2 Media Café (with the Intrepid Pens group – private)
*Thursday, February 16 4-5:30pm Carnegie Centre (after the Thursdays Writing Collective) –open to others
Friday, February 17 – Come and sign the cards in the 3rd floor Gallery, Carnegie Centre. 12-2pm (time to be confirmed.)
*These are both scheduled to follow or be part of a writing group, hoping that some of the members will want to join us and write their poems about community+art on cards.
We plan to make between 10 and 20 cards and invite DTES residents to generate the list of people to receive cards. The cards will be made on 9×12 card stock with a collage on one side and text written in ink on top of the collage and then signatures and notes on the back.
The cards will either be left at the Info Desk at Carnegie for pickup, delivered or mailed to the recipients.
Interested in being part of this “sweet project”?
Let me know your availability and which parts interest you the most, and we’ll build up the team to Share the Love on World Community Arts Day.
Mary Bennett, Community Arts Council of Vancouver 604-682-0010

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