Intrepid Pens

This past weekend, Mary Bennett and a team of volunteers from the Community Arts Council of Vancouver (CACV) attended an Intrepid Pens session to work with the group as part of the “SHARE THE LOVE” Project for World Community Arts Day.

I was so disappointed to have missed it (the first session I haven’t led in three years), but our amazing volunteer Sarah was there to facilitate and it was a super-successful day. The group wrote love letters and made collages for “community artists who make our city a better place”.

To learn more about World Community Arts Day, click here. And click here to learn more about CACV. Note: This isn’t the first time that Mary Bennett of CACV has reached out and made an effort to include “The Pens” in exciting community arts projects and events. We’re so grateful.

Below are some pics snapped by CACV intern…

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