World Community Arts Day 2012, Rawlins College

We are celebrating the huge success of this year’s World Community Arts Day on February 17th at Rawlins College, Quorn, Leicestershire.

The event was full with 100 participants and 22 exceptional volunteers- friends, Rawlins students and Rawlins’ staff.

8 workshops all offered a unique art experience, from marbling to sew a badge, 3D modelling to clay plaques, pipe cleaner people to jewellery making and sketch book binding to drawing and painting. All this over 4 art hours in a 6 hour fun filled, friendly and colourful day for a £3 ticket, made possible by the kind donation of time, effort and even materials.

The event this year was in support of the fantasic charity- Inter Care, medical aid for Africa, for whom we raised well over £100.00. This will enable more than £400.00worth of essential medicines to reach those who need it most.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the event, either as a volunteer, donor or participant. Again, I have been overwhelmed by the amazing folk who make my job very much worthwhile!

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