from Hayley fern on facebook

Yeah!!!! It all went so well- the best yet. 100 participants, 25 volunteers, 8 workshops and a table full of chocolate to keep everyone going for the very busy six hour event. As ever, loads of really positive feedback from everyone. World Community Arts Day is the best idea ever. I’ll get an article to you (and pics) v soon x

Janet Feldman and Actalive

Dear Friend Andrew and All,
Myself and the members of ActALIVE are definitely with you in spirit and actions on this day, and I am so thrilled to see all of the others worldwide who are also travelling the same way!! Your dream is growing by leaps and bounds each year, and I’ll hope to be more “actively” involved in upcoming editions, as this is one event I truly hope dear!! With artistic affections and huge blessings always, Janet and members of ActALIVE

Charnwood Arts

Dance artist and choreographer Rong Tao from Chongqing worked with Charnwood Arts on his second month long residency in January/February 2012. He worked with children, young people and adults, dancers and non-dancers to explore their creativity and choreograph new pieces of dance. This performance is with a group from Loughborough College where Rong Tao worked with Kevin Ryan to run workshops for a much larger group. The film of the performance was made by Natalie Chabaud of Charnwood Arts and was shot at Lakeside Arts Centre Chinese New Year celebrations in Nottingham. The group performed, outdoors in the freezing cold to an audience of around 6,000 people. The residency is part of the ongoing Charnwood Arts UK2K!2 programme connecting communities and cultures.

Editorial: Manilla Bulletin, Philippines


The World Community Arts Day

February 16, 2012, 10:38pm

MANILA, Philippines — World Community Arts Day celebrated on February 17 each year highlights the universality of human experiences and gives artists a chance to speak their minds and to express their innermost thoughts.

Art – from music to theater to painting to poetry – allows us to closely examine our culture, our community, and ourselves. Art influences people by inspiring them to rekindle feelings like an old memory and moves them to reach out to an old friend or lover through a song, sculpture, or painting.

There is an artist in each of us. Even if we are not aware of it in our daily lives. We feel some connectedness with the arts when doing things like conversing with a close friend about poetry, decorating and arranging our living space, gesturing with our hands as we speak, lifting our voices together when we sing happy birthday to a friend or in worship, or just making sounds together with many voices.

Art has a very profound effect on people and can serve as an inspiration to awaken the imagination, talent, and skill hiding within each individual. It has shaped and inspired thousands of years of civilization, as made evident by the countless museums, galleries, theaters, and venues all over the world.

The arts have long been thought of as a cultural and economic feature of urban and suburban communities. Acting as invaluable communications tools, economic drivers, and vital cultural links, the arts can make the difference between a surviving and a thriving community. MABUHAY!