Ken Wolverton and the 1970’s

Tucked away in Ken Wolverton WCAD 2012 page is some great photos from the 1970’s. Ken, like Reg Bolton (we started WCAD to remember Reg in 2007), worked in Edinburgh Scotland in the 1970’s, along with others like Mike Rowan (AKA Big Rory), Rosie Gibson, Neil Cameron and many others. It is often cited that it was these artists and performers (around The Theatre Workshop) who brought Street Theatre to The Edinburgh Festival. In those days this was pioneering.

“See it what I see” Pomorska Street in Bydgoszcz/Poland

“World Community Arts day 2012″

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This is a community art celebration here:
“Talking flowers spring up out of the bones in a field”
This is a letter to me from you. You write step by step, part by part: to do all kind of performative things in a parc and take care about the birds in soundscapes. To invite people for to luxuriate winter and summertime. And to unfold a music into new situations transmitting and sharing its potential, wealth and then its completness. And that this land is to your light feet, too. Inch by inch… Lots of love in reading you.
I would also like to dedicate to World Community Arts Day friends our wall street work “See it what I see” as fruit of community art in Pomorska Street in Bydgoszcz/Poland.

More info very soon in English you can find on our webiste:

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Glasgow (SW) Arts and Well-being Network

Glasgow (SW) Arts and Well-being Network

For World Community Arts Day – we designed a e-flyer that we could send to all our stakeholders (counsellor, nhs partners and the many community organisations) involved in promoting the arts as a positive agent for health.

Please share one of our websites on yours – which give a flavour of the work that is on going and celebrates the ideal of World Community Arts Day