FREE Children’s Postcard Workshop…Roll up Roll up!

World Community Arts Day is approaching fast, plus it’s HALF TERM! So why not join us this Friday 17th at our FREE postcard workshop?

As part of our on-going project, The Organic Self: The Power of Value  we are working with artist and photographer Patrick Anthony Loftus to deliver a FREE postcard making workshop for children. In keeping with our theme of exploring our personal values and how we are shaped by them, children will be asked to create a postcard depicting what they love and appreciate in life, with specific attention being paid to London and their view of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Postcards can be created using any means of creation, from drawing, painting, collage or photography. The finished postcards will be displayed in our up-coming exhibition at the Parlour Gallery, Queen’s Crescent, Kentish Town and all workshop participants will be invited to come along and see their work on display.

The postcards will also be sent to an Akha village school in South East Asia with whom our workshop leader Patrick has been working on this postcard project on a wider scale.  The aim of the project is to create a window from which the Akha school can learn about the Uk’s capital from the personal point of view of the people who live there. Also creating a unique opportunity to interact with a part of the world most will never see.

So for a creative half-term activity, and in the spirit of global community and value, why not bring your children along to our FREE workshop?

You’ll find us at the Camden Community Law Centre, 2 Prince of Wales Road, NW5 3LQ. The workshop is FREE and starts at 10:30am on Friday 17th March.

If you would like to come along, or for more information, please get in touch at

Folk Love: Cartwheel Arts in Heywood, Lancs

We saw your webpage about World Community Arts Day, and your request for info on arts projects about caring and sharing.  Great that Mailout is marking the day!
Here at Cartwheel Arts in Heywood, Lancs, we’re in the middle of a 10-week project called Folk Love, which is all about love and caring – thought you might be interested.  It isn’t specifically happening tomorrow – sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays over a period of weeks – but it is a community/participatory art project, and it is on the theme of love and caring!  Basically, we’re working in Oldham with Indian elders, young mothers, and local schools, to create poems, stories and songs about love in all its forms, and we’re aiming towards a public performance at the end of March.
There’s info about it on our website here
and there’s a Flickr set, with pictures from some of the sessions, here
Let me know if you’d like to know more?
All the best

Tell Us Another One Project Worker
Cartwheel Arts

Celebrate World Community Arts Day 2012

February 16, 2012 in News

Community Arts Partnership will be celebrating World Community Arts Day by adding a bit of colour to the office!

After moving premises last year our walls needed brightened up so we are all taking part in creating a large-scale  mural with a bit of help from Belfast artists Kev Largey aka KVLR and Marion Noone aka FRIZ.

We literally have a blank canvas and using Kev and Marion’s skills we should come up with something very arresting but at the same time reflect our ethos. This is a perfect way of bringing out the artistic side of all the staff to produce a creative shared space.

World Community Arts Day values the importance of creativity in the growth of local and global communities therefore celebrate by involving the local community and being creative on 17/02/2012.

Why not get involved yourself, by creating your own event, however big or small whether it involves Song, dance, theatre, drawing, painting, writing, to make anything from poems, photography, lectures, walks, tours, talks, art classes any way that you feel you are creative!

Światowy Dzień Community Arts,pl,kalendarium,104935.html

Światowy Dzień Community Arts

Bądź kreatywny w Światowy Dzień Community Arts czyli ruchu pokrewnego animacji kultury! Dołączcie się! Jest to świetna okazja do zaprezentowania działań Waszej instytucji na arenie międzynarodowej! 17 lutego pokaż co znaczy dla Ciebie community arts/animacja kultury. Zorganizuj happening, akcję, warsztaty.

Światowy Dzień Community Arts (World Community Arts Day) organizowany od kilku lat na całym świecie ma na celu niezobowiązującą ogólnoświatową akcję animatorów kultury.

Wystarczy zorganizować małe lub duże wydarzenie z tej okazji, zrobić dokumentację i zamieścić na swojej stronie internetowej, blogu czy facebooku. Link można przesłać do inicjatorów WCAD.

Celebrate Crieff

Celebrate Crieff is a community group set up to promote a series of arts and cultural events. These events will have a common historical theme including a two-week long arts exhibition and a two-day pageant in Crieff Market Park. This project adds another dimension to our visitor attractions and is an opportunity for community groups, artists, schools, and individuals to demonstrate their expertise in a festival of activities celebrating the history of Crieff. We see the exhibition featuring paintings, drawings and photographs; primarily with a nineteenth century theme, while the pageant is to encompass a broad expanse of local history. The exhibition will display materials from Crieff based organisations and the pageant will feature historical re-enactment groups, and musicians, and may also provide an opportunity for local community organisations to promote their own role by mean of display stands. To explore options for other groups, we are holding a public meeting in Strathearn Community Campus on 22 February 2012, at 7.30pm; where we will outline the project, answer questions and consider the practicalities of turning this idea into a a showcase for the art, history and culture of Crieff. You may have your own ideas as to how to contribute to the project and we would be delighted if you can come along and give us your opinion.

SheherazadVentures Sarl

Guess we are too late for 2012, but we are looking for community artists and/or creative travellers to join us for a ‘voliday’ Fun Day in Moroccan Sahara October 18-25th. Or how about creating your own WCAD group event in 2013. We can facilitate all logistics inside Morocco. Please contact us if interested and check our website for more info re our community arts background.

Mailout: World Community Arts Day – community artists, because we’re worth it…–-community-artists-because-were-worth-it/

In the participatory and community arts there is rarely a time, or an occasion, where the hard work of art practitioners and leaders is recognised – or rewarded.

However, the time has come for World Community Arts Day, a day dedicated to sharing the love or participatory and community arts, is arranging a nationwide activity to encourage the public to get artistic and show their appreciation for community artists.

On the 17th of February 2012 volunteers are wanted to help collect materials and encourage people to use their wonderful minds and creative fingertips to design their own special cards for their own special community artists.

Attendees are asked to attend the Carnegie Community Centre on the 16 February, a day before the event itself, to cut our recycled materials and start making the cards. Materials aren’t necessary (as it will be provided on the day) but enthusiasm is – so get creative and show your great community artists what they’re worth.

The activities, taking place at the Media Cafe and Carnegie Community Centre, Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, is open to the public with welcomed suggestions of who should be awarded the card.

However if Downtown Eastside is too far for you to travel don’t let it deter you. Why not start your own card-making event in tribute to local community artists.

Days and events

Saturday February 11 2-4:30pm W2 Media Café (with the Intrepid Pens group – private)

Thursday, February 16 4-5:30pm Carnegie Centre (after the Thursdays Writing Collective) –open to others

Friday, February 17 – Come and sign the cards in the 3rd floor Gallery, Carnegie Centre.  12-2pm (time to be confirmed.)

To find out more about this event please contact Mary Bennett, Community Arts Council of Vancouver


Tel: 604-682-0010