Voluntary Arts Week

Cassandra Barron
Hello all, have you heard about Voluntary Arts Week which is happening from 12-20 May 2012. It is an initiative being held across the UK and Republic of Ireland which is aimed at promoting arts and crafts activity and getting more people taking part. You can organise a special event during Voluntary Arts Week such as; a workshop, a taster session, a performance in a public space or exhibition for example and advertise this on the Voluntary Arts Week website. There are posters to download too which you can use to spread the word about your activities in your local area.

This year there is also a ‘What’s in your Window?’ campaign which is all about showcasing your art and craft work in windows across the country from 12 – 20 May. Arts and crafts organisations and groups are being encouraged to get involved by partnering with their local libraries, community centers, charity shops etc. to exhibit examples of their work alongside a ‘What’s in your Window?’ poster which has details about the work you do and how others can take part. Photos of these displays can then be uploaded onto the Voluntary arts Week website for all to see.

Visit the website – http://www.voluntaryartsweek.org for more information and contact info@voluntaryartsweek.org if you would like to get involved.

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