Guest post – Caitlin Woodfield

Thank-you to Caitlin Woodfield, Beauty and Utility Arts volunteer for her wonderful guest blog post:

Katherine has asked me to write a guest blog post about my volunteering with Beauty and Utility Arts, in particular with Points of Interest – so here goes!!

I’m Caitlin Woodfield, a Fine Art student at De Montfort University who volunteers at the Points of Interest group with Katherine Brown and Tim Sayers, who works as an Arts and Mental Health Co-ordinator at leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.

I’ve worked with the group on and off since March of this year and until then, I’ll be honest, I hadn’t given an awful lot of thought to the benefits that art has on those experiencing the effects of mental health – my degree shapes its students into becoming artists or art teachers and not much else, so I really only became interested in Arts Management within health…

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Update: Intrepid Pens Fall 2012

Intrepid Pens

Just thought I’d do a quick post to let everyone know what we’ve been up to these past few months, and what we’ve got planned for Fall 2012.

Looking back:

We continue to enjoy (and be super grateful for) our home at W2 MediaCafe, where we meet Saturdays, and read and write over coffee and tea. In February The Pens participated in World Community Arts Day with CACV. In May The Pens were invited to participate in Papergirl Vancouver, and in July their work was on display at the Roundhouse Community Centre. In June The Pens were featured on Alicia Costa’s Vancouver Coop RadioStorytelling Show, and last month The Pens joined Megaphone Magazine for a well-attended night of poetry at Cafe Deux Soleils.

Looking forward:

Starting in September, meetings at W2 Media Cafe will be open to both women and men – an exciting development…

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What is Art ?

Mae Art Ed's Blog

I have spent my whole life dodging being labelled, redhead, wife, divorcee  artist crafter etc etc. and yet here I was in my last post labelling myself !!!! My biggest annoyance has been the artist versus, the crafter versus the teacher. But the bottom line is I create! I love creating and the surfaces and materials I work on have no boundaries. So this week I have been multi tasking. I have been working on two pieces for Culture night and at the moment they are made of papier mache. I have been experimenting with the layering method and the paper pulp method. My two pieces incorporate both methods at the moment. But I think the layering method is winning out as I feel I have more control and can work more often on it. But we will see what the end result is like.  I have also been making…

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Guest blog

I was very honoured to write a guest blog post for Gill Phillips this week about the intergenerational arts project we’ve just celebrated in Lutterworth and I hope you like it too.

In the shoes of … Katherine Brown | Arts and Health Project Manager | Beauty and Utility Arts.

Below are a few photos from the celebratory event we held on 15th August and a couple more photos from the workshops….enjoy.

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Arts and older people 2012 exhibition dates

The arts based reminiscence project with older residents at St. Mary’s extra care scheme in Lutterworth and John Wycliffe primary school seems to have gone down really well on my blog, so I thought I’d let you know where the exhibition will be touring throughout 2012.

Let me know if you go to see it!

14th August – 28th Aug (St. Mary’s extra care scheme – closed to the public)

28th August – 14th September (John Wycliffe primary school – closed to the public)

14th September – 28th September (St. Mary’s church, Lutterworth)

28th September to 4th October (Lutterworth Library)

4th October (one evening only at The Hinckley and Bosworth Arts Network, The Atkins, Hinckley)

4th October – 2nd November (Atkins building foyer, Lower Bond Street, Hinckley, LE0 1QU)

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A Day in the life of a Sketchbook…….

Mae Art Ed's Blog

It’s been a long time since I let the artist in me out !!! I have been a teacher, a crafter and a student and although the artist is there lurking about, I didnt know how to ignite her again. So two things have done this. Firstly, a good while ago I had been toying with the idea of comparing and contrasting Irish and African art, through symbols, textures and colours. I suppose the idea originally seeded in my brain when in the early nineties when I was at college my Thesis was on Irish Basketry. I was struck then how not long before in the early 20th Century Ireland had a lot of things that compared with African tribes. Like carrying eggs on their head in basket like constructions, using woven willow in the plasterwork of houses etc. So those thoughts were there, but not used. Then I started…

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Scottish Trip

Mae Art Ed's Blog

Well, I am back from my trip and now trying to get myself in gear for Culture night/weekend. Scotland was great. 2nd visit this year. Unfortunately when I was there in May visiting Room 13 I had a tummy bug and was a little under par but I made up for it this time ! Arrived 8.00am, had breakfast at airport and then collected my car. A bit of confusion at this point as to where the car hire company actually was!  But eventually I was on my merry way. Went to the old reliable car park of Sauchiehall street. Then shopping and bought lovely runner boots for Oisin – a lot easier to buy for children ! Then it was time to meet Gemma from St. Jeromes Orphanage in Kenya and what an amazing young lady. She’s only 21 and has started this orphanage in Nakuru with another girl…

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Guest post – Andrew ‘Skatz’ Scattergood

I am a songwriter and actor and I am starting an Arts Council funded project about individuals who’ve inspired the lives of people living in Leicestershire today. With that in mind, I am organising meetings early in 2013 with groups of people from all parts of the community to hear and collect their stories.

With these stories, I will create an interactive performance (called ‘Father Used To Say’) using songs, stories and pictures which I will take into Community Centres, Social Centres, Libraries, Museums and other places where communities meet so that everyone can hear each other’s stories and hopefully show how our diverse communities share a common humanity.

I was recently invited by Katherine Brown to visit her ‘Points Of Interest’ group and talk about my project with a view to running a story gathering session when the project begins. I sang a song for them about one of…

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Busy Day In the Studio

Mae Art Ed's Blog

I have been multi tasking today. Yesterday I put together two proposals,  it wasn’t easy and is not my favourite chore! It took all day even though I had the leg work done. Have to do the same tomorrow. So today decided I would be creative. I am trying to get work ready for culture night and our TAG craft fair which is on the Sunday after. I had decided to try and make earrings to go with my bracelets, but it just wouldn’t happen for me. So yesterday when I was looking for my charger for my camera I came across some nice silks I had forgotten I had. So today I made more bracelets! I love making them because I start with a piece of fabric and then gradually it changes because of sewing and bits of fabric and buttons and cord. I am always surprised and I…

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