A Day in the life of a Sketchbook…….

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It’s been a long time since I let the artist in me out !!! I have been a teacher, a crafter and a student and although the artist is there lurking about, I didnt know how to ignite her again. So two things have done this. Firstly, a good while ago I had been toying with the idea of comparing and contrasting Irish and African art, through symbols, textures and colours. I suppose the idea originally seeded in my brain when in the early nineties when I was at college my Thesis was on Irish Basketry. I was struck then how not long before in the early 20th Century Ireland had a lot of things that compared with African tribes. Like carrying eggs on their head in basket like constructions, using woven willow in the plasterwork of houses etc. So those thoughts were there, but not used. Then I started…

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