Guest post – Caitlin Woodfield

Thank-you to Caitlin Woodfield, Beauty and Utility Arts volunteer for her wonderful guest blog post:

Katherine has asked me to write a guest blog post about my volunteering with Beauty and Utility Arts, in particular with Points of Interest – so here goes!!

I’m Caitlin Woodfield, a Fine Art student at De Montfort University who volunteers at the Points of Interest group with Katherine Brown and Tim Sayers, who works as an Arts and Mental Health Co-ordinator at leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.

I’ve worked with the group on and off since March of this year and until then, I’ll be honest, I hadn’t given an awful lot of thought to the benefits that art has on those experiencing the effects of mental health – my degree shapes its students into becoming artists or art teachers and not much else, so I really only became interested in Arts Management within health…

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