World Community Arts Day at The Riverfront, Wales

Art as a catalyst for caring and sharing.

Let’s create a World Festival Society for a day.

“We can either react in fear or anger to the state of our world thus becoming part of the problem or respond creatively and become part of the solution.”

You are invited to be part of a global celebration to celebrate International World Community Arts Day on 15 February.

All we ask of you is to create an arts project, however big or small. Be creative about an issue that you believe promotes “caring and sharing”. Song, dance, theatre, draw, paint, write, make, poem, photograpoh, lectuire, walk, tour, talk, art in any way that you feel you are creative!

Please feel free to contact one of the Arts Development team to book your place for either the gallery or exhibition or a chance to perform on stage on Friday 15 February.

Nick Cadman: 01633 656687

Sally-Anne Evans: 01633 656688

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