World Community Arts day at the Jewel, Edinburgh

Hi Andrew, it was great to see you supporting the first month of January for World Community Arts day at the Jewel with brilliant guest Poet Colin McGuire and the amazing performances from the cast of Theatre in Craigmillar for “Echoes” Save the Brae. Craigmillar doing what they know best. Expressing their discontent with the cooncil through community arts. The ongo8ing campaign to save the local High School Castlebrae. A tribute to your mother Helen Crummy and her legacy continues. Now it is our Finale with guest Poet Viv Gee. We are hoping that the same people that came last year to Global Conditioning may turn up this year too. As you know February 13 is Anti-Valentine Day and we hve teamed up just like last year Inky Fingers collective. Should be another good one. Please post this up on the World Community Arts Day site. Best wishes. Rose Ritchie.

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