The Yuluwirri Painters, Australia

The Yuluwirri Painters, Australia

The Yuluwirri Painters have been functioning as a group for 3 years and have a very multicultural background. Art transposes all cultures – many of our members could not paint when they started and this community effort is a tribute to fifteen of them who have put the artwork together over the past three days. The artwork depicts cameos of life around lightning ridge set into the cracking mud of our waterholes as we wait for rain.
The members of the Yuluwirri art group have been invited to join in – This has its headquarters at Prestonpans Scotland. Our group assisted by some of the CDEP participants are planning and painting a community artwork that depicts a scene or item from Lightning Ridge that has meaning for them Community art participants – Wolly Graham , Karin Thurston, Monica Summers, Joan Bibby, Shaun Benauvick, Irene Kennedy, Flo Thomas, Leanne Wallace, Allan McCullough, Peter Stonnell, Christine Shelton, Beverly Jacobsen, Michelle Thompson, Helen Buchannan, Eva Kranz

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