Percy Poets Intercommunity Group and Craigmillar Archives Trust present “The Edinburgh Flyting 2014” to celebrate World Community Arts Day 2014.


Free entry to one of the most favourite and friendly bars in Edinburgh for poets and musicians, that is of course, the Persevere. Bar is open all night and serves great food too.


The Iliad and Odyssey existed as oral performances passed on over centuries before someone we now know as Homer thought to write them down. In Scotland and Ireland, the filidhean and the makars were elite performance poets, honoured guests of the Chiefs and the clans. Even slams today are nothing new.

The Scottish tradition of flyting dates from the 15th century, in which two makars would combat in a poetic joust, a furious contest of verbal abuse which combined extraordinary verbal dexterity with the most vulgar of insults. The most famous of these, the 16th century flyting between William Dunbar and Walter Kennedy in front of the Court of James IV of Scotland brought eye-watering new insults to the language.

Now the Percy Poets along with the kind assistance of the Craigmillar Archives Trust are reviving the Flyting for World Community Arts Day on WEDNESDAY 19th February at the PERSEVERE pub at the foot of Easter Road.
There are FOUR RULES.

1) The insults must be in poetic forms.
2) You don’t deliberately insult your opponent as a person anyone should hate.
3) You do not insult their body of work as being of bad taste or workmanship.
4) This is for FUN. Please remember that at all times. This is NOT a battle of badness but FUN!

There are limited places, so sign up NOW. All names will go into a hat and pulled out on the night so you do not know whom your first opponent is. Subsequent rounds will be by the winners.

A panel of Judges will be on hand with a timekeeper to decide and whittle things down to the top two. The winner will receive a prize and the title: Edinburgh Flyting Champion 2014.

You’ll need pencils and paper to make notes on your opponents as the rounds go on, so get practising with horrible insults, epithets and general slagging-off.
Be inventive … or may the offspring of a thousand fleas enter through your front door! And YOU can do better than that!

Come and join our regulars and let’s have a great Flyte!

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