Willsmere Estate in Kew, Victoria, Australia

I have recently taken on the role as Artist in Residence at Willsmere Estate in Kew, Victoria, Australia. As part of the residency project I will be running Community Arts workshops with the people that reside at this residential estate.
The first Community Arts workshop will take place at the Community Room on Saturday the 15th of February 2014 from 1-4pm.
This workshop will coincide with World Community Arts Day – a global event which takes place each year in February.
I will be asking the community to collaborate with me, to produce an impression of a map of the estate.
I will have created the beginnings of works on paper before the workshop commences, and will offer it to those that take part. They can then select an area located on a map provided of the estate, or find a spot that is important to them, and begin adding to the artwork. This can be done over the workshop duration, or time can be spent over a period of days. How the work is approached is entirely up to the individual, and will further depict and contribute to a visual interpretation of the essence of community life, both personally and collectively.
All the works will then be arranged together as a large scale collage, forming a map.
This collaborative image will feature in the final exhibition of works for the residency program.
Materials will be provided on the day.
Please contact me for any further information on –
and also take a look at –

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