Going into its eighth year, World Community Arts Day was created by Craigmillar Communiversity, a voluntary association out of Craigmillar Community Arts that aims to “uncover, support and promote artistic talents” of residents of the Craigmillar community of Edinburgh, Scotland. The movement has grown to include hundreds of art projects taking place all over the world, including Vancouver, London, Nigeria, Australia and Los Angeles–just to name a few.

The ultimate goal for WCAD is to create a world festival society for a day where creativity can be fostered to provide answers for an issue that everyone can be passionate about.  The theme–and aim–this year is to be “creative about an issue that promotes caring and sharing”.

Here are five things you can do to celebrate WCAD:

1. Create or participate in an arts project. Whether it’s painting a mural in the dead of winter or spending the day with family creating mini-art projects around the house, there are many ways of acknowledging the creative spirit.

2. Volunteer at an arts initiative or organization for a day.

3. Sponsor an art project. Whether it’s an ongoing or future project, sponsoring an art project can help create many more artful conversations of the importance of fostering creativity in our communities. Examples include KickstarterIndiegogo and Before and Crafter, one young woman’s craft project benefitting SKETCH.

4.  If you plan to celebrate, post and share the official World Community Arts Day logo on your website or social media, which you can get here.

5. Invite all your friends and loved ones to celebrate this day and experience the transformative power of the arts!

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