Last year for WCAD we launched our book telling the stories of young unaccompanied asylum seekers in the UK with drawings from their stories by Paul Gent…this year we want to highlight something about where they have come from through the photographs of Majid Saeedi – many of the young people we have worked with have come from Afghanistan and we have just started a new arts and media group with young Afghans over 18 in Leicester, many of whom are under the threat of being sent back now they have reached maturity. Majid has been photographing in Afghanistan for over 10 years and lived there for the last four – last year he was awarded a World Press Photo Award for his work there and we are very grateful to him for allowing our communities to see his work, the first exhibition of it in the UK.
Director Charnwood Arts


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So we have a very exciting launch for World Community Arts Day 2014. It is an honour.

The Centre for Creative Communities is please to launch their new guide to designing arts projects in the community on World Community Arts Day. The book is written by Dr Neil Cameron who has mounted countless arts projects through a forty year time span and has a PhD in cultural development. Visit the Centre’s web site on:- for more details and post a ‘like’ if you support these ideas.

A Poem for World Community Arts Day

Here’s my poem for World Community Arts Day 2008. I think it bears repetition …

A Poem for World Community Arts Day 2008

My Art
Is Your Art
Is Our Art
In Whole
Not In Part
It’s Drawn From The Mind
It’s Drawn From The Heart
It’s Imagination
It’s Music
It’s Art
With A Brush
With A String
With A Hand
With A Dart
It’s Clear
It’s Here
It’s Far
It’s Art
It’s Love For The World
It’s The Jam On A Tart
With Others
By Yourself
You’re Creating Anew
What’s Gone Before
What’s In Front Of You
Relieving The Tensions
Entering New Dimensions
Of Pandora’s Hope
New Scents On A Soap
It’s Tactile
And A Factfile
It’s Yours
It’s Ours
Created To Share
With A Community To Care
My Art
Is Your Art
Is Our Art.

Johnni MacKenzie-Anderson


Art Cabaret Poster Art Cabaret Timetable

To celebrate World Community Arts Day and launch our new “Arts and Health” programme, Craigmillar Community Arts is running an Arts Cabaret.

Our fun event will offer opportunities for anyone attending to sing, paint, act, write, try some crafts and listen to music while learning how taking part in creative activities can improve your health.

 The event is open to people of all ages and you can drop in for a while or stay all afternoon. There will be a scheduled programme of workshops throughout the afternoon, a range of drop-in activities, a pop-up café and an opportunity to have a free health MOT (provided by Edinburgh-based social enterprise, the Centre of Health and Wellbeing).

 This event will also mark the start of our exciting new “Arts and Health” programme (funded by NHS Lothian Health Foundation), which will run over the next 2 years.

 Arts Cabaret in celebration of World Community Arts Day (and Valentine’s Day) – “Be Hearty – Be Arty – Be Healthy” is:

Day – Saturday 15th February

Time – 1pm – 4pm

Where – Craigmillar Community Arts Centre,

58 Newcraighall Road, Edinburgh EH15 3HS


All activities and workshops are free.


Any enquiries please contact:

Tricia or Mike at Craigmillar Community Arts Centre,

58 Newcraighall Road, Edinburgh EH15 3HS, Tel. 0131 669 8432



 For information on workshops, please visit our Facebook page: Craigmillar Community Arts




What does Community Arts mean to you?

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama are a specialist institution based in London with a diverse range of courses in artistic training. This hub of aspiring artists makes it possible for new and exciting collaboration projects,  from putting on a performance to organizing an outreach workshop.

On the 17th February, Central Students will come together and share their thoughts on Community Theatre and break down the definition through doing what we do best – making it art! The day will be documented and on behalf of the school, I hope you find this enlightening!

Good luck with other projects around the world!

Come and join us from 10:00 am at the Centre for Creative Collaboration for reflecting on the meaning of community arts through theatre!

How to get there?

The Centre for Creative Collaboration is  a 10 minutes walk way from King’s Cross, in 16 Acton Street (WC1X 9NG).


Sketchbound was launched on the 4th of November 2012 in Balbriggan, North County Dublin, Ireland, to encourage the local community become engaged in drawing, doodling and sketching. We participated in World Community Arts Day 2013 by having a group exhibition and engaging with the community. This year we have opened our doors to local photographers and local art groups/artists to join forces for another exhibition, this time celebrating our town’s Carnegie Library and Community Spirit! At the same time, Sketchbound is launching it’s inaugural meet-up in The Archive, Dubai on World Community Arts Day. We look forward to this wonderful celebration of community arts and we will post images of both events… We at Sketchbound wish the very best of luck to everyone participating all over the world and enjoy!!



We had a very successful first workshop, had fun and on top of that actually created a very nice little first proto-type of something much more amazing in the future. I want to thank all of the first participants, Amanda, Andy, Richard, Kathy, Gail, and Art or making it a very worthwhile art exercise and welcome to being new members of World Community Arts Day 2014…


17th February 2014 [Monday]
World Community Art Day
10am to 2pm – Rawlins Academy

The annual World Community Arts Day event is a popular event for the whole family.There will be a small cost of £4 per person to take part. Pre booking is essential. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult. Call 01509 622827 to book places. The theme this year is ‘Africa’ and activities will include mask making, beading, story-telling, dance, print-making and clay modelling. There will be African music and a visit from Intercare who supply medical aid to a variety of locations in Africa.




Going into its eighth year, World Community Arts Day was created by Craigmillar Communiversity, a voluntary association out of Craigmillar Community Arts that aims to “uncover, support and promote artistic talents” of residents of the Craigmillar community of Edinburgh, Scotland. The movement has grown to include hundreds of art projects taking place all over the world, including Vancouver, London, Nigeria, Australia and Los Angeles–just to name a few.

The ultimate goal for WCAD is to create a world festival society for a day where creativity can be fostered to provide answers for an issue that everyone can be passionate about.  The theme–and aim–this year is to be “creative about an issue that promotes caring and sharing”.

Here are five things you can do to celebrate WCAD:

1. Create or participate in an arts project. Whether it’s painting a mural in the dead of winter or spending the day with family creating mini-art projects around the house, there are many ways of acknowledging the creative spirit.

2. Volunteer at an arts initiative or organization for a day.

3. Sponsor an art project. Whether it’s an ongoing or future project, sponsoring an art project can help create many more artful conversations of the importance of fostering creativity in our communities. Examples include KickstarterIndiegogo and Before and Crafter, one young woman’s craft project benefitting SKETCH.

4.  If you plan to celebrate, post and share the official World Community Arts Day logo on your website or social media, which you can get here.

5. Invite all your friends and loved ones to celebrate this day and experience the transformative power of the arts!