Art East, London UK

arteast is a budding social enterprise that exists to develop creative, social and business skills in individuals with learning and physical disabilities through collaborative working with artists and volunteers.

arteast’s primary focus is on the needs and aspirations of the individual, set in the context of the wider community. In practice this is about creating opportunities which are accessible for all and which encourage full integration and participation. The project aims to:

Support members to learn new creative, media and business skills.
Enable members to develop self-confidence, reasoning ability and other cognitive skills.
Bring together a cross-section of the community where members work together, supporting each other to achieve a goals.
Reduce members’ isolation, enabling them to widen their support network and make friends.
Provide support, allowing all members to participate fully regardless of their needs.
Improve members’ practical skills enabling them to sell their work and be employed.
Over a typical six month period the project has benefited a total of 17 people with learning and physical disabilities, who have regularly attended the weekly group sessions for 47 weeks. All 17 members range in age from 25 to 59 years.

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