Plastic Arts Center, Hofit, Israel.

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We in The Plastic Arts Center in Hofit Israel have created a workshop especially for WCAD 2015 . Our students have painted artistic messages in water colors to promote the topic of sharing and communicating through art. We all hope for better communication between people for patience and understanding of other cultures and for the right to imagine and create art. Have a wonderful creative day!
Anat Shamai -Artist and Art Educator

centre for Creative Communities, Australia

Launched at last years WCAD 2014.

Dr Neil Cameron has been at the forefront of cultural development since 1973, directing and producing over two hundred major arts projects in communities. He has lived and worked in Australia for 30 years but has also worked in the UK, Germany, Japan, Holland, Belgium, USA, New Zealand and several other countries.

Creating Australia promoting community arts + cultural development

CACD 500 is an awareness campaign being undertaken by Creating Australia.

It aims to demonstrate the size, diversity and value of the Community Arts and Cultural Development (CACD) sector by documenting over 500 CACD projects online.

The initiative will send a powerful message to governments, business and the general populous and it can link us all together – as organisations, artists and practitioners, who are working very hard to develop people and their communities through creativity – enriching the lives of all Australians.

By taking a snapshot of the sector we can better understand the nature of the CACD landscape and see just how big and diverse we are in Australia.

We need your help to reach our goal and participating is easy.

The ArtsHouse, Loughborough, england, UK launched on world community arts day 2015


Officially launched on the 17th February 2015 to celebrate World Community Arts Day:

The ArtsHouse in Loughborough is a place for groups and individuals to engage in community based arts, craft and media activity.

There are four main rooms – two for painting, crafts, writing groups, drawing and meetings, one fully equipped with computers, another for making and media, linked to a small room with an animation rostrum.

There is a disabled toilet, a kitchen, a nice small garden and a small ‘chill out’ room.

The ArtsHouse is based next door to Charnwood Arts offices and meeting room at 27 Granby Street – right opposite the gates to the beautiful Queen’s Park and a stones throw away from Charnwood Museum and Gallery and right next door to the library.

All sorts of groups are signed up or nearly ready to use the space and at launch we have sessions with:

Write Stuff’ – a health and well being related writing group.

Raw Art – Arts and Mental Health group.

Cando Café – arts and media for young people

Homeschool – cultural and heritage group for children

Asian Ladies Craft Group – craft and social group

Open Media and Arts Group

Charnwood Great War Centenary Project Groups

Big Knitting Group

20:20 link group

Mutual Craft Company

We also have plans for a number of new groups, these include:

Artslink Editorial Group

Placement Groups

New Children’s Arts Sessions

A Regular Hack Space

People Making Places Group(s)

Young Refugee and Asylum groups

We are always open to hearing new ideas from the community.

The Arts House