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Hayley Fern and Intercare

This will be my fourth WCAD event, each one catering for 100 people of all ages and backgrounds in the Loughborough area. What makes this one even more exciting is that I am collaborating with the charity Inter Care ( <> ) which is based locally and supports health care in Africa (Cameroon, Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi, Sierra Leone), so the event can link with these locations in terms of awareness and support.  We are working with children all week in the run up to 17th Feb to create artworks and craft pieces which are inspired by the arts and crafts of these places, then on the Friday we open our doors to the public for a large scale community arts day where we will exhibit and sell items to raise funds as well as having up to ten workshops where everyone can make, paint and create. The line ‘art as a catalyst for caring and sharing’ works so well for these plans.  We’ll be using that every day in sessions throughout the week to build up to the Friday.  As ever, I am over the moon to be linking in with WCAD and the global community around it.