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  1. Hi there – can we give you an update on our flyer?

    I also have an image to send but not sure how to attach?
    The flyer text is: To celebrate the recent World Community Arts Day (17/02/12), the network wanted to feature some of the recent work of our members. Local partners SAMH (Scottish Association of Mental Health) are encouraging people to get healthy with their “Get Active” campaign and also have some fun as well.

    The exhibited photos opposite were the result of a partnership between Neil Munro and Crawford McGugan (a curator at Glasgow Life’s Open Museum), who arranged for Neil’s photos to be displayed at the Civic Realm in Pollok.

    Neil through the support of the SAMH west outreach and Bridgework team, took part in walks and started a series of photographs of the parts of the river Clyde that he had spent time when homeless.

    They will be rotated to display the range that Neil had taken and an opening day was arranged at the Civic Realm for friends and other community groups which included the Rag tales sewing group to go along and displayed their own work and make a very stimulated community gathering.

    For further information, please contact Bridgeworker Tommy Black at SAMH.

    Flat 2/1
    160 Shawbridge St
    G43 1 PE

    t: 0141 636 5900
    m: 07966121127
    w: http://www.samh.org.uk

  2. The ARTErra is a rural art residency structure that support and encourage artistic creation and production.
    Housed in a remarkably small rural village, you will find in ARTErra physical spaces and tools for the reception of the project / proposal of the artist or collective of different artistic disciplines.
    In addition to a house with several recreational areas and facilities, the ARTErra has a “creation yard” area where are the work spaces (sound studio and booth capturing, studio room, black & white box, glass room and atelier) framed by a garden, a small vegetable garden, an orchard and poultry.
    With privileged contacts with some institutions and companies try to enhance and ensure a artist in residency to respond the needs and expectations of the projects accepted.
    There currently are open nominations for the 2nd half of 2012.
    The application process is simple.
    Do not hesitate to contact us.
    Mail: arterra.geral@gmail.com
    We also have a facebook page
    and twitter

  3. Grand Designs at the RSPB Loch of Strathbeg in Aberdeenshire on Sunday 17th February 2013, 1pm till 3pm.
    Families are invited to design, build and decorate a nest box for beasties or birds, then cosy up round the campfire with toasted marshmallows.
    Booking is essential so please call 01346 532017or email strathbeg@rspb.org.uk. Suggested donation of £5 per nest box.

  4. Greetings,

    My name is Francisco Camilo and I´m a portuguese fine artist (painter and street artist). I´m sending this email in order to request/propose painting a wall/walls in Edinburgh, sometime between February 8th and Frebruary 23rd.

    I am visiting a great friend of mine in Edinburgh; he is working there in a European volunteering project, at the Forest Café: http://www.facebook.com/groups/2504741238/, (EVS). He is currently living in Warrender Park Road and, as an artist I’d really like to spend some of these days painting in/for your city.

    I´m proposing this project because I would love to contribute with a nice painting for Edinburgh, and of course, I’m also wishing to expand my art around the world.

    I am not asking for financial support whatsoever.

    I can buy the spray cans and even roll inks, but if you would like to support the idea, I would be glad if you could contribute with inks and ladders, if you would like to see a painted facade from yours (i can paint a facade in a week, and i would be really glad to do it). I´ll be there all those days and I’m spending them visiting your city and countryside of course. I’m also open to the idea of painting something discussed/agreed with you, something thought of previously or a more particular/peculiar idea or tradition important to you. I have already sent this proposal to the municipality of Edinburgh directly, but they said:

    “Many thanks for your enquiry.

    Unfortunately our colleagues in Services for Communities Department do not see this as Neighbourhood Partnership project as proposals for painting/murals artworks on public area walls/buildings can be a long, complex and controversial area involving potential planning permission, residents consultation, planning for costs to maintain the art work etc and your time timescale is a very short one.

    We think you would be better approaching a local community art project as you are offering a free service.”

    So I’m asking you as a cultural organization in the city about this.

    I know there’s only a month left and this email has a very short precedence but I am both wishful and hopeful I can develop this project with you.
    Therefore, I send the link to my Facebook page with my paintings and works:


    In advance, thank you for your time taken to read this request, and greetings from Portugal.

    1. francisco, I will pass your message on. sounds a good idea. can put it on facebook and other social media sites?

      1. Hello, thank you for the answer. For sure… i really would like to paint in more than one place also. If institutions or particulars could provide materials for paint there would be perfect, it can make the difference between painting small or big. thank you for everything. Francisco

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