40 years of Charnwood Arts, Kev Ryan

Busy busy busy…so slightly in advance of the day this year as I’m off to Tainan on the 17th February to talk about a project which may involve many hundreds if not thousands of people. We’ve been working on joint community/participatory arts projects with partners there for a few years now. I wanted to share this celebratory image and some images of recent work with everyone before I go…it seems like yesterday that we celebrated 25 years and only last night that we celebrated 30 years…the last ten years have flown!


Shindigs Scottish Artspace@ Craigmillar Library

Thanks to everyone that came along to Craigmillar Library 17.2.16. Andrew Crummy, Lesley Traynor, Johnni Stanton, Rita Bradd, Marie Hunter, Michelle Hogg, Sean Saez, Lucy Reid, Iannos, Blair Ritchie, Rose Ritchie. Thank you to the Craigmillar Library staff. A lovely evening with story, poetry, song and art. We look forward to the 10th Anniversary next year of the World Community Arts Day